This book was launched last year but somehow I only managed to stumble upon it now. ‘The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi‘ published by Titan Books represents all those small boy dreams I had about Dinosaurs. Julius Csotonyi has been described as a rockstar of paleoart but that would suggest rebellious or fanciful work which his pieces are not. He has created multiple items for natural history exhibitions around the word and has a driving passion for recreating authentic prehistoric ecosystems in his  artwork.

Julius Csotonyi specialises in photo realistic recreations restorations of dinosaurs, paleo-environments and extant animals. His techniques encompass both traditional and digital media. He has worked with several magazines and book publishing companies (including Science, National Geographic and Scholastic Inc.) and museums. He is Hungarian born but is a Canadian national, having graduated with a BSc in ecology and environmental biology and following that a MSc in ecology both from the University of Alberta.

Csotonyi’s recent work include  phosphorescent and silver engraved prehistoric themed coins for the Royal Canadian Mint, several life-sized dinosaur murals (up to 150 feet long) for the Royal Ontario Museum’s 2012 exhibit, ‘Ultimate Dinosaurs; Giants from Gondwana’, life-sized murals of dinosaurs for the Dinosaur Hall (2011) at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and most of the artwork for the new Hall of Paleontology at the HMNS.

His personal website is worth trawling through and he has prints of his artwork for sale there. The book is a fascinating piece of work crossing several geological timepoints. It’s not a reference piece, but if like me you are fascinated both by art and authentic dinosaur drawings this is worth a gander. On certain scenes the ‘light’ work is lacking but this is probably more a result of modern digital rendering. Despite that I would wholeheartedly recommend it. At £19.98 on Amazon it’s a bargain.


Julius Csotonyi artwork gallery