If you have five seconds to spare, then I’ll tell you the story of my life.

Sixteen, clumsy and shy; That’s the story of my life.


|From the sublime to the ridiculous?


The idea of being on the web and utilising it as an outlet for my creativity and opinions was probably the original reason for this website. However, on close self-reflection, the website also allows me to balance my public introvert demeanour and provides the megaphone for my voice in a crowded virtual social gathering; well that was the original reason.

Since the birth of my two daughters, who consume my time and affection, this website has become my message board to them. Having decided later in life to have children, I inherently fear I may not be around to bore them catatonic in the future with my perspectives of events in our social fabric. The plan is obviously to try and not let my fears become the reality but one should always have a plan B.

Therefore the posts on this website are a literature cacophony of topics and viewpoints. All the perspectives stated are my own and do not represent those of any organisations or groups that I am or may be affiliated with in the future. There are some Easter Eggs on the website and those are truly for my children.

To give some context to my views my abbreviated biography reads as follows. I was born in Colombo, Sri-lanka to medical parents. I am the eldest of three and hence have a degree of superman syndrome and have got myself into binds trying to ‘save’ people. I was brought up in a Buddhist household but it was only in my twenties that I understood the philosophy of Buddhism and the fact it is not a religion. My upbringing was in Birmingham but have lived in some flamboyant cities to date (see the skyline pictures). I am a doctor in the old mould; – good depth of knowledge and patient centric, with a strong belief that administering medicine is an art (one that is being eroded and ignored in the modern day). My professional experience extends to pharmaceutical medicine, where I have held senior executive leadership positions. Don’t judge me on this fact alone. Until the creation of my own family which began in 2016, self reliance was paramount and I could (still can) count my friends on one hand, however team Herath (rather like the Hugh Grant character in ‘About a boy’) are forcing me to create my own archipelago.

It may not have escaped your notice that I am a fan of a certain time lord. I in fact do have my own TARDIS, though sadly it is currently only occupies co-ordinates that can be best described as my back garden. This iteration of my personal website carries a ‘Dr WHO’ theme and fellow fans may find it easier to navigate. All possible measures have been taken to acknowledge copyright for images and diagrams I have used but if I have fouled up, please contact me so I can correct my misdemeanour.

I have removed comments for the time being as it was a security issue with very interested parties in Easter provinces and Western, utilising the gateway to explore my hosted space.

I hope you enjoy this insight into my ‘private bubble’ with my girls (that does include you Darling), you are a welcome guest.