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|Apologetic Integration

It is rather a disenchanting moment when the doctrine your parents subscribed to and expounded to you was not the armour you thought it was.It is a lie when people say 'children do not see colour'...
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|Finding Colour in Black

It’s the difference between listening to Shakespeare being read by Brain Blessed instead of Patrick Stewart. Both would be enjoyable but one would be better nuanced. My younger brother had a great...

|Memo to David and the Cabinet

Can we address the issues now facing us? Can you put your own self-promotion aside?Dear elected politicians of any sort, please can we address the issues now facing us? Can you put your own...
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|End of the Big Dream?

It's unlikely we will ever see a commercial avaiation success story like the Boeing 747 It was conceived on a fishing trip between the CEOs of PAN AM and Boeing. When finally created in 1969 it was...
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|50 Facts About Shakespeare

The No Sweat Shakespeare website is a labor of love from London-based father and son Shakespeare enthusiasts John and Warren King.To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare we wanted to put...

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